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To reduce risk and increase efficiency, banking and finance industry is transforming and becoming digital to the core.

Fintech enterprises are automating the banking process to meet ever-changing customer expectations. With deep domain expertise and rich technology experience, we offer custom IT services for the banking and finance sector.

Fintech solutions for the foreseeable future

Right from web-based functions to engaging applications, data lifecycle services to creating any business process using digital technologies, we offer end-to-end solutions for your business transformation.

Digital Transformation

Reinventing the banking operational model

Intelliquity have technically partnered with leading banks and financial institutions by integrating digital technology in all segments of financial services. We help banks to structure their business models with digitised solutions and also provide seamless interactions to the customers.

Mobile Application

Interactive apps for enhanced customer experience

We build the most comprehensive and secure banking apps and digital wallets. Transferring funds to paying bills, managing currency exchange to doing transactions using debit or credit card and NFC, everything is at hand with user-friendly and convenient mobile apps.

Process automation

Driving customer engagement

Process automation has a great impact on the banking sector. KYC, secured accounts management, client behaviour tracking, automated payments, risk mitigation, our revolutionizing automated banking solutions help banks to connect with customers in real-time and improve efficiency.

Data analytics

Lifeblood of the data-dependent sector

We help banks to grab the enormous potential of data analytics. With real-time data and analytics, you are assured with improved operational efficiencies and decision-making. Advanced analytics will also benefit banks with increased profits. Embrace the power of data analytics and experience quick and effective banking process.

internet-of things

Custom software development

Fintech software to deliver personalized experiences

We develop scalable software to enhance the key aspects of banking. Our integrated software solutions include process automation, real-time account, transaction processing and everything to cater to the cutting-edge needs, growing in the banking sector.

internet-of things

Blockchain technology

Highly transformative in the payment process

The innumerable benefits of blockchain are extraordinarily serving the banking and finance sector. Our innovative solutions using blockchain-based technology can help to streamline your business process with reduced operational errors and reduced transaction costs


Transforming the banking industry

Payment Solutions

We evolve your payment processing with technical integrations that guarantee more convenient and secured transactions.

Digital Wallets

Leverage the power of robust and trustworthy digital/online payment solutions for your customers.

Cross Border Multi-Currency Payments

Sell products and services across the globe and get assured with timely payments in multiple-currencies with real time exchange rates

Mutual Fund and Insurance Management

Track your investments, net-asset value and buy/sell on real-time basis.

Banking Issue Manager

Banking departments gets a hands on dashboard to monitor operational delays in real-time, and resolution turn-around time.

Instant Account Opening and e-KYC

Digitalize your account opening process from days to minutes.


Enable payment processing more quickly and accurately while cutting down the transaction costs.

Domains we serve

Retail Banking

Take retail banking to the next level with digital transformations. Intelliquity offers customer experience transformation strategies to retail banking companies across multiple geographical locations.

Corporate Banking

To meet the changing needs and expectations of the corporate customers, we reshape corporate banking with digital innovations. We aid banks with data analytics to identify business opportunities and understand customers better.

Trade Finance

We offer digital solutions to enhance the trade finance process. Enterprises are guaranteed with improved efficiency, automation of repetitive tasks and reduced errors.

Wealth Management

We help wealth managers to get rid of manual paper-based processes and adopt digital wealth management to boost customer engagement and help customer to churn faster.


We develop and deploy digital solutions to one of the most competitive department, treasury and help them to stay ahead of the curve. Innovative processes will also help to fine-tune their business and improve customer experience.

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