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The emergence of digitization has favourably impacted many industries and healthcare sector turns out to be the most promising one.

Right from improving patient’s treatment to streamlining workflows, the healthcare industry is reaping enormous benefits with the digital transformation. Engage with our IT experts and prepare your industry for the future.

Healthcare solutions & services

Whether it's a mobile application, asset management, virtual care or clinical management, Intelliquity offers innovative IT solutions to boost the performance of the healthcare sector.

Clinic management


Ensure patients receive utmost care anytime and anywhere with elite cloud-based clinic management solutions. We help healthcare providers to manage clinics and patients, effectively.


Whether it is to improve healthcare solutions, monitor patients, data management or enable patients to access their medical data, reports or any lab results, we develop interactive mobile-based solutions that help the healthcare industry and patients to effortlessly manage clinical tasks, clinics and patients, effectively.

Appointment scheduling

Manage unlimited appointments at one time. We develop systems that make patient appointment scheduling hassle-free and error-free. We ensure the software is user-friendly and easy for both patients and doctors.

Custom healthcare
development & maintenance

With an experience of working with a wide range of technologies, we’ve efficiently developed custom web-based and mobile applications for healthcare management and maintenance.

Healthcare data analytics

There's a colossal amount of data flowing through the healthcare system. Important information related to patient treatment might get lost or hidden in the large volume of data and hence, we as technology partner help the healthcare industry to aggregate data and examine it with beneficial data analytics. It can both improve patient care and performance of healthcare practitioners.

Healthcare IoT and wearables

We rightly integrate the Internet of Things (IoT) in our digital work so that the healthcare staff can conveniently access all the necessary data on their smart devices and also manage resources effectively. This innovative technology is surely the emergence of a breakthrough in the healthcare industry.

Our technology-driven healthcare services ensure

  • Effective collaboration solutions for patients and the healthcare community
  • Top-notch user engagement solutions
  • Easy access to medical records
  • Lower healthcare costs
  • Streamlined work process
  • 24/7 online consultations

We cater to

Our products and seamless IT solutions help healthcare sector as a whole to enrich patient care and improve clinical efficiencies. We offer services to:

  • Healthcare providers & clinics
  • Health insurance companies
  • Pharmacies or pharma companies
  • Private & government hospitals
  • Healthcare startups
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